OUTDOOR JUNCTION† Cookeville, TN†† I-40 Exit 290† 931-520-7500

Outdoor Junction is a family owned business by Steve and Carolyn Carter established in 2006.† They are life long residents of the Cookeville area.† Both Steve and Carolyn began hunting† as children.† Subconsciously Steve has been preparing for Outdoor Junction all his life.

†Mother Carter says since Steve was a little bitty boy about 7 or 8 he used to get up very early and go set his traps near the lake at the edge of their farm and sell his hides.† He was always hunting, fishing and trapping.


The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. They act like a big family.† Often you can smell lunch cooking in the kitchen near the back office.† Donít be fooled.† The staff is solidly professional even if they act like a big family.


(Beautiful woman and handsome fella)


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Outdoor Junction has something for every member of your family.