Get properly outfitted by those who have the actual experience from years of local hunting, out of state trips, and out of country safaris.  Benefit from knowledge earned by being both a guide and a hunter.


Having what you need when you need it will make all the difference.  Every trip is important.


Steve and Carolyn began hunting as young children and started their daughter hunting as a child.  She has become a successful hunter just like her parents.  Dakota is pretty as a princess but is a real huntress.


Outdoor Junction has many family trophies displayed on the walls from South Africa, Nambia, Zimbabwe, Argentina, Mongolia, New Foundland, Alberta Canada, Alaska, New Mexico, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, Arkansas, Montana, Louisiana and more.


The farther you go from home the harder it may be to get what you will need at the last minute.  Being prepared for local hunting is just as important because the opportunity is more often.  No one ever says there are too many chances to go hunting so it doesn't matter if they are ready or not this time.


Look at the family trophy photos on the walls and see proof that Outdoor Junction is the place to get properly outfitted for your plans.

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Outdoor Junction has something for every member of your family.

OUTDOOR JUNCTION  Cookeville, TN   I-40 Exit 290  931-520-7500